A very wise saying advises that if you plan for one year, plant rice; if for 10 years, plant trees; but if your plan extends to 100 years, then invest in the education of your children.

The FUNRAISING Charity Association is committed to aiding children in need of education. Education is the key to nurturing our youth, enabling them to grow, mature, and carve their own path in society.

We take pride in our contributions, having facilitated the graduation of dozens of university students, supported hundreds of children through tutoring schools and part-time jobs, and provided thousands of packages containing clothes and essential daily items to our small citizens.

With a steadfast commitment to transparent and rational resource utilization, our association has established an Assessment Care group. This group is entrusted with determining the form and degree of assistance to be extended to each family based on their unique circumstances.

To facilitate this, we maintain five distinct funds:

  1. General Funraising Fund – for everyday needs except the ones below
  2. Scholarships Fund – Funraising Morfosis
  3. Activities and educational support Fund- Funraising Gnosis
  4. Supporting autistic children in need Fund – Furaising Blue
  5. Supporting children with health problems Fund- Funraising MedKids

Providing aid that includes:

  • Scholarships for students through the “Morfosis” Funraising fund
  • Supporting children on the autism spectrum through the Fundraising Blue fund
  • Afternoon classes & preparation for university studies
  • Purchase of clothing and footwear
  • Purchase of food and other necessities
  • Medical aid
  • Various other smaller needs

How our Association offers support

Funraising Morfosis

Funraising “Morfosis” was created with the aim of offering scholarships to children who want to take one step further and proceed to university studies. An activity of our association that makes us particularly proud.

Funraising Blue

Funraising Blue was created with the aim of advising and educating society on issues concerning autism, and also, to provide financial support and guidance to families of children diagnosed of autism spectrum disorders.

Funraising Gnosis

The Funraising “Gnosis” fund team focuses on after school activities and education, having as a main aim to prepare children for higher education. The fund also helps students at tutoring lessons and supports them to develop their talents through learning opportunities and specialized programs in art activities and sports.

Funraising MedKids

Med Kids supports families in need, with children facing serious diseases. It supports patients, people in need who are directed abroad for treatment that cannot be done in Cyprus, with expenses covered.

Food Packages

Food is for families a basic need, important for their immediate survival. Our members, both individual and group donations, ensure that we always have some necessities in our warehouses so that families can always be provided with food.


Through the generous donations from friends and members of our foundation, all-season essentials, new or second-hand in excellent condition, are collected. These include clothing & footwear, baby gear, linen, school equipment and toys. They are saved with special care and distributed to the families supported by our foundation.