Our purpose is fuelled by a deep love for all children. It was this shared love that inspired a group of parents and friends to make a collective decision to expand the circle of love and joy even before 2010. This led to the creation of the Funraising foundation.

Funraising is a charitable, non-profit association, registered with the Registrar of Institutions since 2010, with registration no. 3408.

It consists of a 12-member Board of Directors (the names of the members as seen below) and today has over 100 active members.

For the complete transparency of our activities, we have the kind support of the Accounting Firm:

Q.B.S. Qualified Business Services Ltd
And the Law Firm:
Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm

Board of Directors

Carina Savva – President

Dena Achilleos – Vice President

Anna Yemetta – Secretary

Ellad Palmyri – Treasurer

Melina Schini – Public Relations

Alexia Metaxa – Member

Anna Odiatou – Member

Avgi Sarri – Member

Thomais Loucaidou – Member

Koulia Vakis – Member

Maria Droussiotis Tofa – Member

Tatiana Savva – Member